Machining Workshop

    We set up this machining workshop in 2003 for the purpose of producing all related machine parts. Averagely, our production capacity reaches up to 3000 pieces per month.

CNC Lathe

    This CNC lathe is working on the casing pipe with a precision up to 0.01mm. Its output capacity ranges from 15 to 20 pieces in one day.

  • Chucks are mounted in the front and back of the lathe for increased stability.

CNC Operated Cylindrical Grinder

    This equipment is numerically controlled to achieve minimum error.

  • Precision up to 0.01mm

  • Comparison of workpieces before and after processing

Milling Machine

    This machine is basically used for milling equally-spaced grooves. We clean this with diesel oil for decreased temperature and tool protection.

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