Our expansive line of drilling rigs are mainly applied in hydroelectric power stations, railways, highways and high-rise buildings requiring deep foundations.

YGL-S100 sonic rig represents our latest in drilling rig technology. It has found popular uses in environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, and water well drilling applications. It is the result of our extreme focus upon continued R&D efforts.

YDX-1200 core drilling rig penetrates subsurface strata for exploration of metallic and nonmetallic mineral deposits. Featured here is an exploration drill rig which was shipped out to a Brazilian customer.

Equipped with two hydraulic cylinders along the manipulator arm, the crawler-mounted anchor drilling rig can raise, lower, and tilt its boom so that it can perform down the hole drilling, helical drilling, and drilling with casing, all while adjusting its boom height and tilt angle ranging from 5° to 90°.

YGL-135B anchor drilling rig features a rotary head with buffering mechanism built in it for maximum protection during drilling.

The biggest selling point of our YGSL-120 anchor drill rig is the double rotary head that can do drilling and casing placement at the same time for improved efficiency.

YGL-C150 rotary drilling rig uses a hydraulic system to deliver powerful impact force. Original Krupp drill head delivers great drilling efficiency several times that of traditional drill rigs.

Model YGL-200GM anchor drilling rig has been customized for a customer from Malaysia. The custom model comes with an extended boom, allowing the use of a 6-meter-long drill rod. Driven by a hydraulic motor, the boom can rotate through different angles.

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